Legacy Road Safety Initiative

WDoR 2023: A Call for Justice and Road Safety Advocacy


On this day, we gather in grace,

To honor lives in a vast embrace.

Accident victims, souls untied,

In the symphony of remembrance.


In the shadows, where justice hides,

We seek a light that abides.

To mend the wounds and heal the pain,

To ensure their loss was not in vain.


A call for justice echoes wide,

Through valleys where the victims hide.

Legal realms, a path to tread,

To lift the voice of the silent dead.


Awareness blooms, a vigilant seed,

To fight the causes, we all must heed.

Education, a weapon so keen,

To navigate roads and keep them clean.


In every classroom, on each street,

Teach the lessons that accidents repeat.

Prevention, a shield strong and sure,

To make our world more secure.


Infrastructure, a foundation to mend,

To guide us through each twist and bend.

Roads of safety, bridges of care,

In memory of those no longer there.


On this day, let actions speak.

A promise made for the strong and meek.

To remember, to act, to strive,

For a world where accidents don’t deprive.


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