Legacy Road Safety Initiative

Road Safety Marathon 2022


Road safety marathon was our maiden run dubbed “Safe School Zone Marathon” to raise awareness about traffic crashes among young people and how we as different stakeholders can build a concerted effort to tackle this now becoming pandemic of some sort. 37.7% of the scholars are found in Kampala, the majority being day scholars. There’s no road safety education in schools, if any, then the method of dissemination used is not effective, no safe crossings for children & the few available are worn out, over speeding & abuse of traffic rules, some motorists are insensitive towards these children on the road, the use motorcycles “boda boda” as a means of transport to school – where 3-5 children use one motorcycle, and increased driver error among other factors. All these coupled with the worrying state of our roads, make school journies complicated for our youngsters in their quest for education.

The run also marked a flagship event that unveiled the launch of our “Safe School Journey Campaign” designed to promote safe travels among school going young people, advocate for and upgrade the safety of schools near the roads/highways, sensitise school going young people on safe road usage, sensitise the motorists to beware of their speeds around school zones etc.

The run took place on the 26th June 2022, at Old Kampala Senior Secondary School grounds starting at 7:00am till 12:00 noon.

Objective of the Run

The main of objectives of the run were;

  1. To create awareness and advocate for safer school travels in schools around Kampala City
  2. To install safer school crossings (zebra crossings) in 10 schools within Kampala City
  3. To train and educate the key stakeholders i.e. school crossing guides, school wardens, and local authorities around these schools.

The highlights were;

  • Over 700 participants were registered
  • 5 schools participated
  • 5 zebra crossings were painted
  • Helmet wear sensitisation conducted for young people
  • First aid simulation conducted
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