Legacy Road Safety Initiative

Road Safety Marathon 2023

#RunForCrashVictims | #RunToSaveALimb

The crashes are on the rise, 2022 registered 21,473 victims which is an increase of 19% compared to 2021. Of these 4,534 were fatal an increase of 9%, 15,227 seriously injured an increase of 21%, and 1,712 slightly injured an increase of 33%. The leading victims are pedestrians with 14% increase, followed by motorcyclists at 1% increase and the drivers at -1% decrease. The crash severity index shows 22 people killed per 100 crashes, meaning averagely Uganda loses 12 people per day in road crashes. This is the highest in the region and we have every reason to worry since the majority of the victims are young people within the productive age. On the other hand, it is a huge cost burden on both the crash victims and the government. The numbers are big and still growing for the available treatment facilities.

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Venue: Nakasero Primary School
Date & Time: 23rd July 2023, starting at 7:00am – 1:00pm

Why are traffic crashes on the rise?

  • 61% due to reckless driving,
  • Poor vehicle maintenance,
  • Overloading passengers,
  • Poor crossing by the passengers,
  • Over speeding & abuse of traffic rules
  • Limited awareness of blackspots on some roads etc.
  • Most Motorists are insensitive towards vulnerable road users especially pedestrians
  • Increased driver error
  • Children use boda boda as a means of transport.
  • There are no safe crossings for children & the few available are worn out.

What will the proceeds be used for?

  • Create awareness on the blackspot areas on major highways
  • Train first responders at the black spot areas on the highways
  • Sensitization of transport operators
  • Provide support to one selected treatment facility (hospital) for the crash victims.
  • Distribution and dissemination of road safety materials
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