Legacy Road Safety Initiative

Our Programs

Safe School Journeys

We engage young people through platforms such as road safety clubs; where we use a range of activities through art, music, drama, culture, debates, quizzes, school conventions, camps, school tours, marathons

Road safety Education & User Empowerment

We educate road users in order to change user attitudes, behaviour and to stimulate awareness of the need for improvement in safety, and access.

Road Safety Advocacy

We advocate for better laws and law enforcement and support those who have been affected by road traffic crashes whether as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists or users of private motor vehicles or public transport,

Sustainable mobility

We focus on road use with particular attention to more vulnerable groups of the population and geographical areas at risk of emission, heavy traffic and crashes.

Road Safety Research

The promotion of research into causes of road crashes, their nature, frequency of occurrence and the cost implications.


Provision of and advocating for better and reliable post-crash care, i.e. psycho-socio support, economic empowerment and training

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