Legacy Road Safety Initiative

Road safety Education & User Empowerment

We educate road users in order to change user attitudes, behaviour and to stimulate awareness of the need for improvement in safety, and access. We also increase their knowledge about road hazards, and create awareness promoting good use of roads among the public, drivers and pedestrians.

This happens through stakeholder trainings & capacity building, holding road caravans, streets awareness campaigns, talk shows on TVs and radios, activations in taxi parks, drug education and early intervention – by helping young people get access to accurate information about drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, & other toxic substances) so they can make safer choices, build resilience, strengthen mental health, and extend their social and emotional awareness. We engage young people through drug talk (body, mind & future), 360-degree engagement with parents & teachers, personal & social skills education, parenting skills program, one-to-one counseling among other programs underpinned with best practices.

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