Legacy Road Safety Initiative

Handling the Challenges of Hydroplaning.

One unforeseen problem that drivers may run into when hitting the roads, whether for a weekend trip or a daily commute, is hydroplaning. A small film of water getting between a car’s tyres and the road surface causes hydroplaning, which causes a loss of grip and control. This blog post will explore the reasons behind … Read more

Vehicle Safety

As an individual driver, it is important that you make sure your vehicle is always fit for the road, and there are some aspects of your vehicle that require your attention more regularly than an annual MOT or service. Some basic safety checks you can do include checking your exterior lights, windscreen wipers, the condition … Read more

Safety Talk in Schools to Reduce Child Mortality Rate

Road transport is the dominant mode of transport in Uganda as road transport carries about 95% of the country’s goods traffic and about 99% of passenger traffic. The road safety situation in Uganda has deteriorated rapidly over the last few years, mainly due to the growing vehicle population and the lack of appropriate road safety … Read more

Road safety tips to Organisations

Road users pose risks to each other. Young people, between 5 and 29 years old, face the largest risk in traffic. Contributing factors to highway crashes may be related to the driver (such as driver error, illness, or fatigue), the vehicle (brake, steering, or throttle failures), or the road itself (lack of sight distance, poor roadside … Read more

Road Safety begins with buying the right Tyres

Road Safety is all about measures and methods that are designed to prevent drivers and passengers on the road from injury or death. When you think about safety features of a car, you’d most likely think of the side mirrors, the seatbelts and the airbags. While these three are certainly important, there’s another important part … Read more

Driver trainings in curbing down road traffic crashes

Road traffic crashes (RTC) is a global concern, killing millions of people each year with thousand injured each day and more than half of these people are vulnerable road users; pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. These results suggest that in many countries road safety laws are not comprehensive and enforcement needs to be strengthened. In Uganda, … Read more

Black Spots limiting safety on our roads

While growing up, the common “black spots” I was familiar with were those natural “black spots” found in some different parts of our bodies. We were told that these spots represented the number of Aunties one has in a family and for whatever reason, we settled for it after all no one could explain a … Read more

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