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Road Safety Marathon 2023 Report

#RunToSaveALimb, #RunForCrashVictims, #DontBeAStatistic

The theme for this year’s run was “Run for Crash Victims”. It attracted participants from all walks of life including school children, corporates and professional athletes.
The Chief runner was Mr. Winston Katushabe – Commissioner for Transport Safety and Regulations Ministry of Works and Transport.
The run took place on the 23rd July 2023, at Nakasero Primary School grounds starting at 7:00am till 12:00 noon. There were majorly 2 races; 21km and 10km

Objectives of the Campaign

  1. To raise awareness and build cohesion among stakeholders in the fight against traffic crashes
  2. To train first responders at blackspots areas on major highways.
  3. Advocate and Sensitise motorists on the rights and safety of pedestrians especially school children.

The highlights were;

  • Over 700 participants were registered
  • 5 schools participated
  • 5 zebra crossings were painted
  • Helmet wear sensitisation conducted for young people
  • First aid simulation conducted

Highlights of the Run

  • Registered over 850 participants
  • There was huge and massive support from the government MDAs i.e. Ministry of Works, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, KCCA etc.
  • Registered new partners i.e. Wavah Water, Safe Boda, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), Link Bus, Bethany Hospital and TV, SHAU, Amputee Self Help Network Uganda, fit Wellness Africa and Boda Boda Industry Uganda.
  • The campaign had a major pressor hosted by Simba Automotives attracting over 10 media houses
  • Featured on 5 TV programs to create awareness on road safety situation in the country (NBS TV, UBC TV, Guggude TV, Bethany TV)
  • 8 schools participated (Old Kampala SS, Ahmadiyah Muslims High School, Kampala High School, Kololo SS, Kololo High School, Wandegeya Moslems, Nakasero Primary School)
  • We were able to give out medals to winners and certificates to the partner organisations.
  • Increased financial support and sales (kits) as a sign of growth in awareness
  • Registered a massive social media engagements and followers (twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn). Twitter handle attracted 85 new followers (10 new organisations), with over 30 replies, 330 likes and 127 retweets, 641 media views, and 378 media engagements on the
    shared content. Facebook page registered over 200 new followers and the posts reached over 1060 people.

Way Forward

We will embark on sensitisation and training of the first responders at the different black spots along the highways. To kick start this campaign, the first training has been earmarked at Kawempe junction stretching to Kagoma along Bombo highway. We will also be piloting mobile emergency services within the CBD.
The following activities are due implementation following the road safety marathon that took place on 23rd July 2023 – “Run for Crash Victims”;

  1. Stakeholder engagement
  2. Train first responders
  3. First-aid demonstration
  4. Sensitize motorists and locals

Challenges the Run faced

  • Delayed release of kits
  • Limited resources – the ones received came in late
  • Poor time management – participants showed up late, PA system was set up late
  • Poor coordination – entertainment failed
  • Delayed clearance from some police departments
  • The Stage was not properly organized.
  • The ushers where few in number and lacked proper training and were deployed late in some places.
  • Families were not well catered for in the activity programming
  • Inadequate information from the secretariat
  • Limited manpower – ushers were deployed late
  • Need for a professional MC
  • More mention and recognition of the partners
  • Publicity was lacking especially in the last weeks of the event.


  • Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT)
  • Ministry of Education & Sports (MoES)
  • Ministry of Health (MoH)
  • Uganda Police Force (UPF)
  • Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)
  • Daxi Driving School
  • Gugudde TV
  • Boda Boda Industry Uganda
  • Safe Way Right Way


  • Uganda Insurers Association (UIA)
  • Simba Automotives
  • Legacy Logistics Associates
  • Safety and Health Association of Uganda (SHAU)
  • Uganda Broadcasting Services (UBC)
  • Bethany TV
  • Bethany Hospital
  • Fit Wellness Africa
  • Individual Donors (preferred anonymity)
  • Amputee Self-help Network Uganda
  • Brania concept
  • Safe Boda
  • Link Bus
  • Wavah Water Ltd
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